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The Financial Rewards are Outstanding | Bottoms Up Review | Adventures Restaurant

The Financial Rewards are Outstanding | Bottoms Up Review | Adventures Restaurant

A thirty year veteran in the industry, Bruce Good - owner of Adventures Restaurant and Pub located in Rice Lake WI, gives a full testimonial on his success with the Bottoms Up Draft Beer System. After just fifteen minutes of seeing it in action he was sold. Not because of the potential savings but because it looked cool. Little did he know just how much benefit he would receive from the system. He went from eight taps to a twenty tap Bottoms Up system and immediately noticed a thirty percent savings on his kegs. He also brought in more craft beer which ended up being an untapped source of revenue he hadn’t realized. This untapped revenue source ended up increasing sales by fifteen percent. The biggest surprise he received from the system was the efficiency of the bartenders. They can pour multiple beers at the same time while pouring a drink, running a table or serving food. In effect, doubling the productivity of the bartender. Which allows for faster service, bigger tickets and happier customers. He recommends that if you’re a small bar who’s maxed out and can’t do any more, the bottoms up system will improve the efficiency of your bartenders. If you’re looking to increase sales, display the system and that alone will increase sales by five percent. If you’re wasting beer, this system can save you ninety nine percent on your kegs. All these benefits he recommends others take advantage allowed him to pay the system in six months. On top of that, he loved it so much that he TRASHED his twenty tap system for a custom thirty two tap Bottoms Up Draft Beer System. He’s never seen a product in his industry that has provided the type of return on investment that Bottoms Up has. This turned him from a skeptic to a lifelong customer. Interested in your own Bottoms Up System? Visit our website: Follow us! Facebook: Instagram:
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