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  • Does Bottoms Up Beer system make beer flat?
    No!! It is just a beer delivery system, much like any other faucet/tap. It does not affect or change the beer in any way. Flat beer is due to the beer being out of date or just not carbonated enough. This has nothing to do with the draught system
  • Doesn't draft beer need a head on it?
    Ever wondered where the saying "a beer needs a certain amount of head to be a good beer" comes from? Well, that comes from waaaaay back in the day when beer was stored in wooden casks. You could tell the difference in a nice fresh beer and an old stale beer if it made foam when you poured them. That’s because beer that foamed when you poured them still had CO2 in them. Since then, some of the largest breweries in the world have used this way of testing if the beer is fresh or not and twisted it into a method of increasing one's keg yield. For example, if a glass of beer has an inch of foam, that also means it has an inch less of beer in it. Hence, you can get more servings out of a keg. Sounds a little shady to us. Not only is the person serving the beer not getting a true keg yield, but the end consumer isn't getting a full beer. Now, we know what you're thinking- we have to have foam on the beer to release the CO2, it's all about the flavor and aroma coming up into the person's nose! Here's the problem, faucet taps release all that precious CO2 while the beer is being poured. So all that aroma, those notes and wonderfulness dissipates after a couple of drinks. The best way to handle this is to fill a beer from the bottom up with as little agitation as possible. Trapping that precious CO2 in inside the beer which results in little to no foam. But if there's no foam, then what about the glorious aromas? This is the magic of Bottoms Up and the magnet which doubles as a nucleation site. A nucleation site is fancy speak for a rough spot where CO2 will build up and release over the course of the consumption of the beer. So instead of having that wonderful aromatic experience disappear after a couple of drinks, it will last throughout the entire glass with Bottoms Up. So if you are someone that wants to experience draft beer the way the brewer intended, you are much better off having one poured for you with Bottoms Up then relying on a busy bartender who's last thing on their mind is ensuring the proper amount of CO2 is maintained. Hope this mini science lesson helps
  • Does this system impart any flavor to the beer?
    Our system does not affect the taste of the beer. We have passed all of the flavor transfer tests done by AB InBev and passed with flying colors. If you can pass a flavor transfer test with Bud Light you can know with certainty that your system imparts no flavor on any beer as Bud Light would have a very hard time masking any off notes imparted on the beer.
  • What beers can or can't you pour with a Bottoms Up draft system?
    Bottoms Up will pour ANY type of beer/cider/liquid as long as it's pressurized withing a keg/barrel. The only thing that might make a difference would be the type of coupler certain brands/styles of beers use. For example, most draft beers use a sankey D type while other brands like Guinness use a sankey U style coupler.
  • Will Bottoms Up work with nitrogen beers like Guinness?
    YES, Bottoms Up can pour Guiness! It just requires a creamer plate to be installed. Check out the beautiful cascading below.
  • How much does a Bottoms Up Draft Beer Systems cost?
    It depends on a lot of variables. Are you looking for a kegerator, are you interested in a long draw system? Do you have a current system you need converted? What zodiac sign are you? That last one's not so important. Your best bet is to fill out our online contact form with detailed information on what you're looking for. One of our team members will be happy to get contact you with a quote for a solution that fits your exact needs.
  • Does Bottoms Up offer financing?
    Yup! Financing options are available for those interested. Please fill out our contact form and we'll be happy to help you out!
  • Why is Bottoms Up so expensive compared to other systems?
    The cost of a Bottoms Up system is comparable to other high-end faucet systems but more expensive if you're comparing it to a basic faucet-based system. However, that's like comparing your smartphone to a rotary phone. Yes, both make calls but which one provides you with a plethora of additional benefits? It's less apples to apples and more like apples to apple-pie. Did you know we have a satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty on the dispenser? In addition, the typical ROI on a Bottoms Up system pays for itself in under a year in most cases. What other draft system offers that?
  • What's the biggest benefit of Bottoms Up?
    Pouring beers HANDS FREE! Which leads to a myriad of additional benefits.
  • Do I have to wait and watch the beer fill up?
    No! Bottoms Up Systems have three programable sizes per tap. Once programmed they will pour and stop automatically so you can spend your time doing other things; checking ID, running food, grabbing a tab, etc.
  • Does Bottoms Up eliminate excess foam/head?
    It does eliminate excess foam. However, different beers react differently when poured, so some variation should be expected.
  • Will Bottoms Up work with Cocktails in a keg?
    Yes, most cocktails in a keg will work with the Bottoms Up System. Just avoid using cocktails with chunky bits like bloody marys.
  • Is Bottoms Up more environmentally friendly and less wasteful than faucet draft system?
    YES!! Our system is actually WAY less wasteful compared to a faucet system. Especially when it comes to beer waste. We realize 98% of the beer in your keg. On average, our system (conservatively) will save you about 3 gallons of beer per keg. Considering that each gallon of beer consumes about 40-60 gallons of water in the manufacturing process (irrigation, brewing, cleaning etc), and as much as 500 gallons, crop to glass. That's around 150 (manufacturing) to 1500 (crop to glass) gallons of water PER KEG that our system will save! We are also dedicated to reducing our manufacturing wastes on a continual basis to help keep waste as low as possible.
  • Why don't you just teach bartenders to pour a proper beer
    Truth of the matter is: very little of the keg's waste comes from bartender error. It mainly has to do with the draft system itself being imbalanced in some way (kink in a line, improper chilling, warm kegs, etc). Unfortunately, we only see the end result of this imbalance when the person pouring the beer struggles with foam. Blame is placed on the bartender not knowing how to pour a proper beer and the real reasons never get fixed. Even if everything was properly balanced you could still see issues with faucet systems. The main issue being a shift in temperature from cold beer to warm faucets. This sudden change causes the CO2 to break out of the beer resulting in foam. From there, gravity also takes over and the beer starts to free fall into the glass causing additional agitation. So even the most experienced bartender is in somewhat of a helpless position.
  • Is there a portable option?
    Yes, Bottoms Up does have portable units for commercial use. Unfortunately, we've had to postpone our residential options due to the global supply chain issues.
  • Can I customize my magnets?
    Of course! Customers who customize their magnets on a regular basis bring in more money. Whether by offering promotions to get customers coming back, getting paid for charging a local business the opportunity to advertise on your magnet or increasing beer sales with a collector set (Gotta have ‘em all!). You are only limited by your imagination. However, if you’re like us and sometimes need a nudge in the right direction to get those creative juices flowing, then here are some simple things you can do to spice things up: Add your logo, contact info and social media. Create a simple collector set by having the same design with different background colors. Keep customers coming back with weekly specials and promotions. Got a special event coming up (Local Band, New Year’s Eve Party, Fish Fry)? Why not tell your customers about it with every beer. And don’t you worry about coming up with a design, our team will put something together for you I’m sure you and your customers will enjoy. To get started, contact sales if you're new or customer service if you're already a customer
  • Can I reuse the magnet?
    The Bottoms Up magnets are rated for single use only.
  • Do magnets come with the cups?
    Yes and no. Yes - Magnets are included when purchasing disposable plastic cups. No - Magnets are NOT included when purchasing reusable drinkware such as glass, pints and pitchers. You will need to purchase them seperately.
  • How do I add a new question?
    To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • Do magnets come with the cups?
    Yes and no. Yes - Magnets are included when purchasing disposable plastic cups. No - Magnets are NOT included when purchasing reusable drinkware such as glass, pints and pitchers.
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