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Bottoms Up
ROI Calculator

" I invented Bottoms Up from the patrons' perspective. I always saw my service being slowed down by the need to pour beer and thought:
What if the beers filled themselves? "

-Josh Springer
Bottoms Up Inventor

Hands Free

Virtually No Waste

Rapid ROI

100% Money Back

Satisfaction Guarantee

Bruce Goode 

Owner, Adventure's Restaurant >

bottoms up testimonial bruce goode owner of adventures restaurant

I’ve never seen a product in this industry that has provided the type of return on investment that Bottoms Up has.  It’s turned me from a skeptic to a lifelong customer.


Party Fowl Gultch Install 3.png

Commercial Equipment

Short-draw, long-draw, kegerators and portable draft beer systems designed for commercial businesses.

Residential Equipment

Kegerators, party coolers and SO MUCH MORE! Geared towards home users who love draft beer.

bottoms up drinkware vessels glass pints pitcher mugs
Stacks of Bottoms Up magnets grouped together showing the different things you can do with a bottoms up magnet promotions coupons branding sets


Disposable plastic, reusable glassware, pints and pitchers. Bottoms Up offers a variety of vessels for a variety of needs.


More than just a seal, they are a one-of-a-kind advertising space.  Customize yours with a logo, promotion, etc. or choose from our in-stock options.

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