1 Tap Bottoms Up Kegerator comes assembled and ready for use.  Fill the CO2 tank, plug it in and tap your keg.  Pouring yourself a beer never looked so good!


Watch the Unboxing and Setup Video


Comes with Digital Control Panel that is easy-to-use and easy-to-read allows you to monitor and adjust temperature settings, ensuring that your beer remains cold and fresh.  Control panel has a Deep Chill Mode that can be activated to quickly cool new kegs and then turned off to maintain desired tempurature.  The Bottoms Up Home Kegerator can hold up to one 1/2 barrel or three 1/6 barrel kegs.  The tap, drain pan, drip tray and top cover are all made of stainless steel. The Bottoms Up Home Kegerator comes with a guard rail, four mobility casters, forty (40) 16oz disposable cups with mystery magnets included, a 5lb CO2 tank, six (6) 16oz Bottoms Up pint glasses, a sleeve of 100 Alphabet magnets and a 1.3 Gallon Cleaning Kit.  Requires two standard AC power outlets, one for the refrigeration and one for the beer dispenser. CO2/Gas is not included and is required for operation. Uses American Sankey D keg tap.



Depth: 25 1/4 in.
Width: 23 13/16 in.
Height: 36 1/4 in.  (34 9/16 in. without castors)


*Bottoms Up Home Kegerator cannot be installed in an enclosed area and must be freestanding.

*Bottoms Up Home Kegerator is not outdoor rated and not meant for outdoor use.

*Bottoms Up Home Kegerator is final sale and non-returnable

*Free Shipping DOES NOT APPLY to Hawaii or Alasksa.

*Dispenser is for use in US & Canada ONLY. We reserve the right to cancel or refuse sale to any order that is being shipped to a freight forwarder or knowingly shipped to a territory that we do not distribute in.

1 Tap Bottoms Up Kegerator

  • 40 - 16oz Mystery Cups
  • A case of 16oz Pint Glasses (6)
  • A sleeve of Alphabet Magnets (100)
  • 5lb CO2 Tank (empty)
  • Cleaning Kit - 1.3 Gallon