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Advertising & Custom Magnets

Bottoms Up magnets do a lot more than just create a seal and come in the bottom of the Bottoms Up Draft Beer Cup®. The magnets create endless advertising and branding opportunities that have potential to get thousands of views from consumers. Consumers regularly take home their magnets and place them on cars, fridges, tool boxes, etc. All cup purchases include magnets that can feature one of our stock images or be customized.
In the drink advertising! If you are interested in advertising on the magnet of a venue or market segment that is utilizing the Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System® please contact us. We will do our best to help you get your advertising into the drinks of thousands of consumers.

Customize your magnet

When it comes to printing these magnets, GrinOn stocks certain graphics for the masses and for our customers when they commit to ordering them in the short-term. Often, we print custom graphics for customers looking to advertise their own logos or promotions on the magnets for their customers to see and keep. Magnets attract great advertising opportunities from our customers. Here are a few we thought were dynamite!

How to submit graphics to GrinOn representatives: GrinOn asks for a proof and a vector based file at minimum. Templates for creating the artwork as a PDF and vector based file are available.
If you were looking for information on cups, or ordering cups, you may be looking for the Bottoms Up Cups® page.